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Boxer Missing from Morgan Crossing Area

One of our clients called today, very upset. They had just come out of WalMart in the Morgan Crossing area to find their year old boxer gone; leash left on the post.

Our client is legally blind and, although Tofu is not a seeing eye dog, our client takes him with her almost everywhere she goes.

We live in a fabulous area of Metro Vancouver, and we hate to see things like this happen here, especially to someone with diminished ability, who needs the companionship.

Please help us find Tofu. Keep an eye out for him. If you see someone with a young Boxer, take  photo or call us. If a neighbour has recently come home with a dog that looks like it might be him, please let us know.


Our client and her young kids are very distraught about this.

Tofu is a young, neutered male Boxer. He is very friendly and loves people.





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