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Feedback - who doesn't like it?

Feedback - who doesn't like it?

OK, sometimes...often, feedback can be negative and/or unconstructive. It is a waste of everybody's time to offer criticism of somebody's work and not offer a correction, solution or better way of doing/thinking, etc.

I know several business owners who, although they appreciate positive feedback, prefer feedback that is critical of what they do, even more so if it offers solutions or options. They believe that critical feedback allows them a greater opportunity to do a better job or tweak their products or services to better serve their clientele. Of course, they take great joy in a positive pat on the back from a pleased client as well.

So, here's why I'm going through this topic.

For us we wanted to serve our community better. At one of our weekly meetings the idea was brought forth that we could help streamline the process for our community members who were looking to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning digging through garage sales and at the same time, promote a greater turnout for our community members who were hosting these garage sales. So, we decided to compile a list of all the garage sales that were happening in the South Surrey and White Rock area (Garage Sales).  We even included a map to the events.

We have received several responses from people this season. All have been positive (which makes us feel good), and some have offered suggestions as well.
One respondent suggested we enlarge the font so it can be read by those with visual issues. Another suggested we make it printer friendly so they could take it with them. We thought these were both great ideas. So, we enlarged the font, and we created a printable version.
Take a look and feel free to offer your feedback (critical is not required, but welcome).

Here's the one that prompted us to write this post:


 Craigslist Feedback


Thanks Karen.

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