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Feel Good Stories... I love 'em!

I just read a posting in the Hospitality Industry forum on UrbanDiner.ca that inspired me to post here. I get a great feeling when I read such stories.
I encourage you to post similar stories of 'giving with no expectation of receiving'. If nothng else, they encouverage a positive vibe in our world.
I booked the 'picnic pavillion' at Granville Island beside the water park for my daughter's birthday party. Showed up with burgers and wieners for her school friends and their parents and discovered there was no bbq pit. There once was, but it has since been locked up. The idea was to bring your own. I was overcome with disappointment and panic stricken with 15 minutes to go before the munchkins arrived. My mother found gumption to go to Cats Social House beside us and ask if they could cook our meat. Yah, right . . . Well, they were more than happy to and delivered all of it in hotel pans (even with veggie dogs separate from the beef ones). I couldn't believe it and wanted to give a big shout out to them. I was impressed. They could've just as easily said "no"....
Again, I encourage you to add your positive experiences to this feel-good story.
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