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South Surrey & White Rock Garage Sales for Aug 6th Weekend

So, here's the idea:

We thought we would help out those in our community that were either hosting, or had enthusiasm for Garage Sales (or Yard Sales, depends where you’re from).

So we were chatting one day and came up with the idea that we should make it easier for our Garage sale neighbours and those wonderful people venturing to South Surrey and White Rock from afar, by conglomerating all the Garage Sale listings into one document and mapping them onto a Google style map that they could either view on their smartphones while they bargain hunt, or print off before they leave and follow like on some sort of scavenger hunt in the middle of Nirvana.

Or goal for the future is to expand the service to include signs and tips for those hosting events; to make it that much easier for the good people out hunting to find them.

For the moment here is the list of garage sales updated for this weekend. 


Oh, and make it a great one.  :) 



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