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#SouthSurrey #WhiteRock Garage Sales Maps

Sunny and cloudy… PERFECT for garage sale gem hunting.



We received an email from someone concerned that theirs wasn’t a garage sale but a moving sale.

We get it, but how you market it, garage yard, moving, is not our concern. Getting the people to your driveway is! We want to maximize your profit on the backs of our marketing…Say, that’s exactly our goal as your Realtors! Ask to see our marketing strategy. It’s effective.


A number of todays sales are neighbours working together to offer you treasures as a group.


Enjoy the day and keep in mind, we sell Real Estate!

Our service is Top-Tier; head and shoulders to the next Tier!



Remember our name when the topic of Real Estate comes up! 


Click on our logo to get to this weeks maps!



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