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Supporting Local School Kids


Here is a message for you to support the wonderful people at Bayridge Elementary School:


Helping without having to do anything – sort of.


Thrifty Foods Smile Cards - If you don't already have one of our special Community Smilecards from last year, pick one from the counter at the office. The card comes with a zero balance, and each time you shop at Thriftys, just load the card at customer service and pay anyway you like. Every time you load or reload the card, Bayridge gets 5% of the amount loaded. Then use your card at the cashier to pay for your groceries. You still collect your Thrifty's points as normal. This can really add up over the year, so your support in remembering to load at the service desk before you shop is really appreciated! The program runs until June and please feel free to grab a card for friends and family as they work at any location.


If you would like one, let me know and I will drop one off at your door, complimentary.



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