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Surrey–Newton–Guildford LRT Project

The Surrey–Newton–Guildford Light Rail Transit (LRT) is the first of two phases in the South of Fraser Rapid Transit Network. It will be an integral new connection to the regional transportation system and will support the current and future transportation needs for Surrey’s growing population.

The project will introduce modern, street-level light rail transit along King George Boulevard and 104 Avenue, connecting Surrey City Centre, Guildford, and Newton with high-quality rapid transit. The project will also introduce the first light rail transit system in British Columbia.

With the roll-out of the first phase of the 10 Year Investment Plan project planning and engagement for Surrey–Newton–Guildford LRT is on track.

Here we have two videos outlining different points of view for what rapid-transit should be in Surrey: 

And the alternative: 


Phở in Phanarama

We love Phở. 
And when you get to know this wonderful soup/meal from Việt Nam, you soon learn that there are good and not so good Phởs out there. 

We have been told of a phở restaurant in the Panorama area of #Surrey called Chopsticks on Phở. 

Have you experienced Chopsticks on Phở?  It looks decent. The onwers look like they really care about their business. 

If you havetried it, how was it?  Would you recommend it?